Making an idea come true is not about luck, It is really a hard working task and you will need a method, a path to get success. That is the way Bill Aulet thinks. He is Managing Director of the Entrepreneurship Center of MIT and in 2013 launched his book “Disciplined Entrepreunership: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup”. The 24 steps is a method of entrepreneurship. After decades of learning, experience and mentoring Bill Aulet, director of MIT Entrepreneurship, explains the secrets of turning an idea into a business model.

Which are the 24 steps?

May be you think that starting a company is an easy matter but for sure this book will change your mind. If you think that entrepeneurship cannot be learnt, you are wrong. Your idea is may be a great one but if you don’t have a method or something that makes you different, your company won’t be succesful. Bill Aulet has designed a method to create innovate products and companies.

The 24 steps are like a path you must follow. It is not a one direction road, it is really a cycle. If one of the steps fails must surely remodel any of the above steps. But do not worry, Bill Aulet think that anyone can be an entrepreneur. In fact, some of the steps are really simple. What happens in most cases is that entrepreneurs start where they should not. For instance, you need to know your TAM (Total Addressable Market) because it is possible that you think you have a great product but, what if there is not enough people interested? It is simple, you will not sell anything. Of course, it is important for Bill Aulet to define accurately who you are and where you want to arrive, where your finish line is. This matter is important not only for new companies, it is an essential question if your company is going to face the global market and explore new countries and opportunities.

That is because Business Innovation adopted this Philosophy. It is proved that works and our trainings includes an Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT in Boston inspired by Bill Aulet’s program. We are looking for entrepeneur that want to become their enterprises in global companies. If you want to know more about our programs go to our web, we want to know you too.

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